Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Sales // All under $40

-Starting today I'm going to share great 'sales/discounts/bargains' I've found, every Sunday! Each post is going to have a price point, and I'm going to find the best goods in that particular site and or store that are all priced at and below that price. I'm so excited to share my first site I discovered!!

UK's largest independent online fashion retailer. Best part free shipping worldwide!!

For the girls:

p.s. These dresses arent exactly 'second day of fall material', but throw on a pair of dark jewel tone tights and you're all set!

for the boys:




Saturday, September 24, 2011

sticker art.

ATTN: Super quick and easy project.

All you need is one BIG scrapbook sticker, construction paper and an old frame (psst...go to a thrift store for a really cute one like I did). 1) Trace the glass part of your frame onto the paper, then cut it out. 2)Place your sticker in the middle of the paper, then put your frame back together, and you're done! 3) Show it off in a cute spot in your home.

Love, Amanda.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"hardware store" necklace - DIY

Last week I went to a discount hardware store and found these tile spacers. I liked the shape of them and they were only a $1 for a huge bag!  They were perfect for a necklace project!

ribbon, ribbon ends, tile spacers, eye-hooks, pliers, jump rings, glue, permanent marker

Screw in 2 eye hooks into 5  of the tile spacers. In the other 5 decorate them with marker however you'd like.
Glue the pretty ones onto the plain ones!

Cut two pieces of ribbon (about 20 inches long), clamp them into the ribbon ends and then "string" the pieces all together with the jump rings.